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About Us

Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The Cooking Academy Cookery School

We are passionate about food and we want to share our passion and enthusiasm for great tasting food with you! We are a unique cookery school that puts 'ingredients' and their beneficial properties at the heart of everything we teach. Established in 2007 Kumud Gandhi is the founder of The Cooking Academy. Trained in food science, Kumud's passion is the combining of food science, nutritional value and great taste. Our ethos is to explain the chemical composition, Ayurvedic and herbal values of food so that recipes are nutritionally rich, look visually appealing, and taste divine. In our cookery classes we want to teach you to cook in a way that is exciting to mind, joyful to the palette and satisfying to the soul, and having achieved that we also want to teach you to cook in a way that meets your dietary requirements and your individual lifestyles. We want to leave you enthused about food and get your 'cooking Mo Jo' back to high spirits.

Our ethos is carried through in all of our cookery classes where we strike a balance of informative cookery, using all your senses, of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch so that you remember your cooking experience and can replicate it when you return to your own kitchen. Our cookery classes are completely hands on so that delegates really absorb the essence of the day and fundamentally we work in small groups so that the personal relationship with your chef and your fellow students can add to the richness of the day.

Heading up the academy, Kumud and her team teaches people the health benefits of different herbs and spices used in food. For example if you suffer from indigestion or heart burn, try incorporating fennel, both fresh and fennel seed into your diet; or if you suffer from poor circulation then you should increase the use of chillies and in particular ginger in food; Ginger is in the 'super food' category packed with antioxidants, it is an anti inflammatory, circulation stimulator, and an antiseptic. It is also hugely beneficial for nausea. So many common everyday ingredients can provide relief for existing conditions and working with these herbs and spices into your daily diet can actually prevent many common ailments and allergies.

All the Chefs at the Academy teach a variety of classes, their background and understanding of food is a combination of professional training, a passion for food and a desire to share their knowledge with others. Chefs at the Academy include Amrit Panesar, Kristen Staines, Gavin Maureemootoo and other guest chefs come in from time to time to take specialist subjects.

The Cooking Academy now has a world wide reputation for specialist food teaching and highly authentic cookery classes. As well as running cookery classes at the Academy we also teach in schools, Have specialist cookery classes for children, run corporate cookery events and teach other chef's specialist cuisine or adaption's for special dietary requirements as well as a consultancy service for Manufacturers.

We hope to share our love of food with you some time and hope we'll see you at The cookery school very soon.