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Vietnamese Cookery Class

Vietnamese cooking is fresh, light, complex and yet easy to prepare, often considered one of the healthiest cuisines, in the world. It’s Chinese and French influences have significantly shaped it culinary history, making Vietnamese food quite unique in the region.

What's on the menu

In this practical, hands-on cookery class we will show you how to use an array of specialist Vietnamese ingredients as well as other exotic Asian herbs and spices to prepare the delicate, subtle balance of yin and yang, in Vietnamese cuisine.

On this one day class you will make a selection of the well known Vietnamese dishes, beginning with simple classics like beef pho soup, fresh green papaya salads, meatball dishes like Nem Nuong, or summer rolls, and Vietnamese noodle dishes; ending the day by making other complex dishes to combine some of the more characteristic flavours. Basic ingredients such as coriander, ginger, mint, lemongrass and chillies are used enabling the novice or experienced cook alike to prepare the dishes at home.

In the relaxed and fun environment akin to all of our classes, we will take you through a journey of Vietnam and its ingredients and bring them together in a number of tasty, scrumptious dishes.

As with all our classes you'll be in a small group, giving you lots of one to one attention and of course entirely hands on cooking, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and spice up your day with this wonderfully aromatic cuisine.

One day Vietnamese cookery class:

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Cost of class: £199
Timings: 10am - 4.00 pm
No previous experience in cookery necessary

Please note: Vouchers are valid for 9 months

What's included?

A detailed explanation of Herbs and spices as well as buying advice
Preparation of various Vietnamese recipes
Full recipe pack
All ingredients
Lunch and refreshment
Wine, beer or juices throughout the day
Food to take away with you