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"I would like to thank you for a hugely enjoyable and informative day. My family really enjoyed the food I prepared even my son Arthur who is autistic and very particular about food absolutely loved it. My wife who is pregnant thought the food was amazing even the okra dish which she didn't particularly like the sound of. I dont know if it was my cooking or your expert tuition, probably a bit of both, and thank you for your kind comments regarding my cooking. I'd be very interested to come back for one of your Thai Courses and will be giving polite hints to relatives on the approach to Xmas and my birthday. Hope to see you again soon" Dave
"I wanted to say thank you for making my cookery course such a success. I confess that I had been concerned that I might find myself a little 'out of my depth' but you quickly put me at ease and the day was really enjoyable. You explained everything so clearly and opened my eyes as to how misinformed many of us are about Indian food. I was particularly surprised by the lack of complicated ingredients and the ease of preparation, yet the dishes we made were full of flavour and colour. Thank you once again; I had a wonderful day, with very best wishes." Brenda Berry
"Thank you - I had a wonderful day, really enjoyable, very friendly, making learning very easy and interesting. The class has given me lots of ideas for both simple evening dinners but also dinner parties. Its really opened up a whole new style of cooking for me. Brilliant - highly recommended" Steen Riisberg
"Hi Kumud, Thanks again for a lovely day yesterday, I have to say I don't often rave about things, so Lindsay - my wife was surprised and pleased as it was her gift to me, that I came back so enthused by the day. I have surprised myself with how much I got out of the day and how much I am looking forward to re creating the dishes. Well done! You have a gift!" Don Booth
"I recently attended your one day Indian cookery class and I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed it. I had to say I didn't quite know what to expect but the whole day was enjoyable, friendly group and teacher, very approachable (I had loads of questions - I've obviously been doing wrong so far). Most impressive was the spice trail and the knowledge of the teacher, and the information was relayed in such a practical way so that we can act on it. I've been to India and I have to say the most authentic food outside of India - thanks for keeping it real! Good luck" Nick Timms
"A Brilliant cookery class - completely hands on, thorough explanations and great pace all day. Couldn't have been more enjoyable. Thank you" Judith Wootton
"Even when I follow a recipe it doesn't work out, so having hand on experience was a great way to learn to cook. I actually found it very relaxing and good fun! I'd go again to get some more recipes!" Rupen Chudasama

Vietnamese Cookery Classes

Vietnamese cooking is fresh, light, complex, yet easy to prepare, and often considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. It’s Chinese and French influences have significantly shaped its culinary history, making Vietnamese food unique in the region.

  • Learn how to use an array of specialist ingredients as well as other exotic Asian herbs and spices to prepare the delicate, subtle balance of yin and yang, in Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Make a selection of well known Vietnamese dishes, beginning with classics like beef pho soup, fresh green papaya salads, meatball dishes like Nem Nuong, or summer rolls, and Vietnamese noodle dishes; ending the day by making other complex dishes to combine some of the more characteristic flavours.
  • Basic ingredients such as coriander, ginger, mint, lemongrass and chillies are used enabling the novice or experienced cook alike to prepare the dishes at home.
  • In the relaxed and fun environment akin to all of our classes, we will take you through a journey of Vietnam and its ingredients and bring them together in a number of tasty, scrumptious dishes.
  • Maximum of six people per course.
  • Includes lunch (cooked by you!) and refreshments; wine, beer or soft drinks.
  • Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced cooks

Price: £190

Timings: 10am - 4pm
Valid for 24 months – we’ll contact you to make arrangements

N.B. We will refund without question any purchase made in error provided you tell us within seven days.

As with all our classes you'll be in a small group, giving you lots of one to one attention and of course entirely hands on cooking, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and spice up your day with this wonderfully delicious cuisine.