Cookery classes for Teenagers

This week we have had a lot of teenagers through the academy where we have been focussing on cookeryclasses for teenagers, getting young people to start cooking from an early age and giving them the confidence in the kitchen to get started.  You’ll be surprised, that’s all it takes, and like their fearless attraction for computers young people take to cooking like a duck to water. 

You’ll wonder why they don’t learn at home, but it’s quite simple, mum and dad telling them sounds like a chore.  At fourteen its hard enough to hold a conversation let alone get in some bonding time, which is what cooking can be once you get over the intial hurdle.  Kids do feel like its another instructions when it comes from a parent. 

Of course the other key factor is that cooking is a chore for a lot of parents, its a question of getting it done as quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly as possible.  Extending the agony by having a child making mistakes and making the kitchen a mess is beyond the pale!!!!  Sorry if I sound cynical -I see it in a lot of homes when I’m asked to help the family to learn to cook, or when I talk to kids about their experience cooking at home.   It’s the reason why they don’t bother. 

Finally, we assume that parents can cook and don’t rely on ready meals, take outs and restaurants themselves. It is no longer a skill that is learned at home by passive observation.  It is this single facor that has led to cookery needing to be taught outside the home, especially if we are to break the cycle and get home cooking back on the menu and a way of life.  

I really admire the teenagers that come to our cookery classes to learn to cook.   It takes courage to ask, it takes positive attitude to take the time out and it takes self awareness to realise its necessary.  These kids are mature and its worth every penny of the money their parents spend to send them, Its an investment in their future health, better than private health insurance, and cheaper!   

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