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How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?
How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Personally, I prefer mine in the afternoon, hard boiled and served with a fresh green garden salad and juicy tomatoes. However you like your eggs, there’s one thing you’ll be pleased to know you, eggs are highly nutritious, packed full of nutrients and vitamins to keep our bodies healthy no matter when or how you eat them (possibly not so much when served in a cake!)

Both the white and yolk of the egg are equally as important as one another. While the egg white contains the majority of the protein and virtually fat-free, the yolk contains many of the essential nutrients and fatty acids our body needs. Most people tried to avoid the yolk when dieting, yet you really should be consuming the entire egg to maximise the nutrition.

There has been much speculation on the yolk raising our cholesterol levels; however the effect is minimal when compared to the effect of saturated fats.  Therefore, a fried egg would be bad for our cholesterol levels, but this is purely due to the oil used to fry it, whereas a boiled egg or poached would be very good.

The Nutrition from Eggs

  • We all know that eggs are a good source of calcium, yet did you know this comes primarily from the yolk? One egg yolk contains 21.9mg of calcium, whereas the white only contains 2.3mg. Therefore we need to cook with the yolk to keep our bones strong and healthy.

  • The whites are good sources of magnesium, which our bodies need to regulate muscle and nerve function. It’s also important in keeping bones healthy and helps with the production of protein and DNA. One egg white contains 3.6mg of magnesium.

  • Both the egg whites and yolks are high in selenium. One egg contains around 15mg which is 21% of our daily recommended value (6mg from the whites and 9mg from the yolk). Selenium is important to keep the immune system healthy and fertility in both men and women.

  • One is egg is full of vitamins! It has 15% of our recommended daily value of Vitamin B2, 9% of vitamin B12, and 6% of Vitamin A.

With so many different ways to cook eggs, you can be sure to never get bored with the flavour. Rather boiled and soldiers or fried on toast, why not try something a little different with your eggs?

For a main meal why not create a sweet potato and red pepper Spanish omelette? Or add some smoked salmon, spinach, or onion to liven up your scrambled eggs?  Our nutritional cookery class guides you through a delicious poached egg on a fondue of tomato, a perfect way to start the day or for a brunch idea!


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Icecream Vs Gelato
We all deserve a treat from time to time, and I plan to take advantage of this when visiting the Gelato festival this weekend at Spitalfields Market, London.

Since I was little ice cream has always been my weakness. Every holiday a tub of strawberry ice cream would do the trick to keep me quiet.  Since having visited Italy on numerous times, renowned for their gelato (the Italian word for ice-cream) I have been transformed into a gelato addict! And let me tell you - there is a big difference!

Before even placing a spoon into my mouth, the beautiful silken, smooth, and flawless appearance of gelato makes me salivate with anticipation. It has a beautiful elasticity that can be easily moldable to create beautiful swirls and gloopy gelato peaks that simply cascade like cold lava in the mouth.

In texture ice cream is much fluffier and lighter.  When making ice cream, milk, cream and egg yolks are cooked together to form a custard base.  This is then churned at a high speed to add air and volume. The fat content from the cream binds with the water molecules, eliminating large frozen crystals forming and creating a light density which allows air to be present.  The lower the fat content or cream content, then icier the ice cream will taste, ergo cheaper brands.

Compared to ice cream, gelato is very dense as it is churned at a slower rate, meaning less air is whipped into the mixture. Gelato uses more milk than cream, so shouldn’t contain as much fat and therefore doesn’t bind as easily with the water, hence the denser consistency.

The serving temperature also differs from one another. Although both are ice cold, gelato is served at a warmer temperature, keeping its silky soft texture. The air content in ice cream means it can be frozen solid, yet still scoop able, especially if the cream content is higher.

Whether you have a preference for ice cream or gelato, they are brilliant as a delicious dessert or a naughty daytime treat.  If this summer weather is set to continue, I’m afraid I wouldn’t say no to either!


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Curries Causing Consternation?
Mastering the art of cooking an authentic curry is our expertise here at The Cooking Academy. Our Indian cookery classes are a brilliant introduction to perfecting Indian cuisine, yet if you would like to polish your skills further, why not try our ‘just curries’ advanced Indian cookery class. Targeted to the more proficient and prolific curry cook, these classes focus largely on cooking curry dishes, teaching you an array of delicious and filling recipes suitable for quick mid-week meals.

Venturing out from a Chicken Korma or Tikka Masala, you’ll be cooking with a range of ingredients and spices, producing appetising dishes such as Cinnamon Spring Lamb, Makhan Raja Tiger Prawns and Dal Makhani made using lentil and kidney beans. You’ll further expand your knowledge of cooking with intense spices and how to pair these together to create aromatic curries full of flavour.

One spice used largely in this course is cinnamon. Commonly associated with more sweet, baked goods, cinnamon has a wonderful festive flavour. Yet did you know this spice is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine? Its warming aroma gives Indian cuisine a depth of flavour and subtle sweetness.

Nevertheless, cinnamon is brilliant for our health, used medicinally around the world for thousands of years. It’s a natural antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial, means it’s a powerful aid in fighting infections and viruses.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

  • Helps control Type 2 diabetes, as it lower blood sugar levels and improves sensitivity to insulin. Diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistance to insulin, which is the hormone that keeps blood sugar levels balanced. Cinnamon blocks the enzymes that that allow for sugar to be absorbed by the blood, therefore keeping helping control blood sugar spikes.

  • The abundance of antioxidants found in cinnamon have anti-inflammatory effects, which help fight allergies and lowers the risk of serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

  • Furthermore, it helps protect our DNA from damage, and encourages cancerous cells to self-destruct.

  • Protects our teeth by protecting us against bacteria in our mouths that cause tooth decay, cavities and bad breath.

  • As a natural sweetener, cinnamon is also a perfect substitute to sugar, therefore lowering your sugar intake. It’s wonderful sprinkled over your breakfast porridge or adding a pinch to your morning coffee.

Whether used in sweet or savoury, Cinnamon has incredible health benefits and adds a brilliant flavour to any cuisine.  To learn more about using this spice in Indian cuisine then why not book onto our advanced Indian course where you’ll discover more exotic spices and how to produce flavoursome curry dishes.

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Overnight Banana & Chocolate Oats
Chocolate and banana overnight oats are a deliciously decadent but ridiculous easy breakfast recipe! All you need is big rolled oats, some cocoa powder, milk (almond milk is particularly yummy in this recipe), maple syrup or honey, and bananas!   Try doubling up this recipe and making enough for a dessert and just to make the next day’s breakfast ahead.  It is a brilliant on the go breakfast or even lunch.

Oats are incredibly tasty and filling whether its breakfast or a yummy dessert. The bigger rolled oats are less processed and therefore better for you.  If you use smaller oats they could become a bit soggy if left for longer than a day. And of course when you soak the oats overnight you’ll be increasing the nutritional value, make them much easier the digest and they’ll taste more creamy. Why not have a look at our Nutritional Classes for more breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to help you stay fit and healthy.


  • 250 ml milk

  • 100 g rolled oats

  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder

  • 2 tsp maple syrup

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 tbsp chocolate chips

  • ½ large banana – sliced

  • Pinch of salt

Preparation instructions:  

  1. You could prepare this recipe in the jar in which you will store it.

  2. Mix together the milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt in the kilner jar or other air tight container.

  3. Add the oats and stir once again until completely combined.

  4. Place the lid on firmly

  5. Place the jar in the fridge or overnight or for at least 5-6 hours.

  6. Add the sliced bananas and chocolate chips when you’re ready to serve.

  7. Enjoy!

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A Vegan Family
When cooking for a family, thinking up dinner ideas that will keep everyone happy can be a chore, add to that dietary exclusions such as vegetarian or vegan and you’re cooking two different meals, then you might be in for plenty of challenges.  Latest figures from 2016 show that the number of vegans in Britain has risen by more than 360% over the past decade.  Yet cooking for a vegan diet doesn’t necessarily require cooking separate meals for everyone.  A vegan diet may seem punitive or restrictive but in reality you’ll be surprised just how many delicious dishes can be vegan without needing to cut out too many of your favourite ingredients, and totally animal product free!

Many recipes can easily be altered to the vegan lifestyle. Did you know that popular desserts that include meringue can be made vegan by whipping reduced chickpea brine instead of egg whites? The classic ‘Mac N Cheese’ can be replicated using cashew nuts and tahini and it’s still just as tasty! Vegan cookery classes are a brilliant way of learning a whole range of new cooking skills and recipes that you most likely wouldn’t have experienced before.

A plant based or vegan diet will not only taste good and expand your cooking expertise, but it’s incredibly nutritious and beneficial to your family’s health. By reducing animal meats and dairy products you’d be reducing your intake of saturated fats, which greatly reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Plant based products are also naturally higher in fibre and packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Moreover, by choosing more natural ingredients, such as nuts, fruits and vegetables, it limits an excessive intake of salt and sugar.

If you’re worried about losing essential nutrients such as protein and calcium, then surprisingly there are many natural foods that are in abundance of these. Did you know that Chickpeas are incredibly high in protein? They are an excellent meat substitute in many dishes, my favourite being the family favourite Indian dish Channa Masala. Furthermore, nuts are high in protein, especially pumpkin seeds which are easily on the move, and perfect for snacking at work. Nut butters also contain good protein content, and perfect as a quick and easy toast topper for children’s’ breakfast. There are plenty of dairy alternatives, including calcium fortified milk and yoghurt, so the whole family can still enjoy teas, coffees and a yummy yoghurt dessert after dinner.

Switching to a vegan diet or simply cooking vegan meals doesn’t just mean salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our vegan cookery classes demonstrate an extensive range of recipes that do not compromise on flavour or texture that will keep the whole family happy.


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