Advanced Indian Cookery class


Indian Cookery class – Advanced – Authentic Indian Cookery classes

Today I’ve been taking students further along their journey into the delights of authentic Indian Cookery!

This is their 2nd Indian Cookery class, at least, with us here at The Cooking Academy, and tonight they will likely share the spoils of the day with their family and friends… if they’re not too exhausted from their experience. It’s a very enjoyable class with no more than 5 delegates, giving it a certain intimacy of a dinner party, getting to know people better and sharing clips of their lives and their cooking. It is a labour of love – I can truely say and I enjoy every class.

I am glad to say so many students come back to after their first cookery class with us, to learn more. That makes it a real honour for us here at the Academy. Cookery classes are more than just a gift experience! It is a journey and here at the Academy we work hard to ensure our customers enjoy every minute of it and are inspired to cook.

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