APM put their cookery skills to the test!


APM’s leadership team recently put their cookery skills to the test

In a show of solidarity and team building, the executive team paid a visit to The Cooking Academy They put their culinary skills to the test during a team-building cookery class in November. They not only honed their abilities but also made a positive impact on their community in this Corporate social responsibility activity. The delicious and freshly prepared recipes crafted during the session were generously donated to a local women’s refuge.

The team and the Menu:

APM’s chief executive Debbie Dore was joined by members of the leadership team including Will Webster (head of technology), Mark Hepworth (chief financial officer), Jackie Martin (head of education and lifelong learning), Faye Thomassen (head of marketing), Rosemary Mathews (head of HR), Jo Connolly (head of service innovation) and Rebecca Fox (head of membership).

Guided by an expert chef, they delighted in creating an array of mouth-watering dishes, ranging from a tantalizing chicken, date, and almond tagine to a flavourful vegetable pilaf with apricots, Lebanese kibbeh, and delectable tuna and egg empanadas.

Corporate Social resposibility

As part of The Cooking Academy’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy, and to contribute to the local community, the company supports numerous charities including The Catholic Workers Farm, a local women’s refuge which provides free accommodation, food, English lessons, counselling and other services for female asylum seekers and their children.

As a gesture of goodwill, APM graciously donated all the food prepared by the team during the cookery class to be enjoyed as an evening meal by the women and children at the refuge.

Reflecting on the experience, Debbie Dore expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

”We have a fairly new leadership team and so it was fantastic to spend some time outside of the office in a relaxed group activity. The class at The Cooking Academy was an excellent choice, giving us the opportunity to make delicious food for such a worthy cause. Here at APM, we encourage our employees to support the local community by offering everyone an additional day’s leave each year to volunteer at a charity, either individually or with their team. It is so important to give back wherever you can”

At APM, the commitment to making a difference extends beyond this event but also to the company’s culture. By blending team building, culinary creativity, and community support, APM’s leadership team showcased the importance of camaraderie and in addition, the impact that small acts of kindness can have on those in need.

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This article is written by Kumud Gandhi – Food Scientist, nutritionist, writer & broadcaster.  Kumud Gandhi is the science lead at The Cooking Academy and is a pioneer of science-based nutritional coaching to support people achieve productivity and wellness through nutritional management.  She leads the ‘Wellness in the Workplace‘ division at The Cooking Academy


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