Apple Chundo


Apple Chundo

This is a popular lip smacking accompaniment to theplas, (a traditional Gujarati fenugreek flat breads made of whole wheat flour and chickpea flour combination mixed with spices and fenugreek leaves)

Traditionally apple or mango chundo,  also known as chatni in Hindi, was made by keeping the combination of grated raw mangoes or apples and jaggery in a large covered glass jar in the sun for several days. The heat of the sun would dissolve the sugar and slowly the grated fruit acquired a delicious translucent colour.

The recipe below is for the chundo prepared using jaggery instead of sugar.



500g grated raw apples

200g jaggery – crumbled or grated

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 inch piece of raw fresh ginger

1 tsp sea salt

1.5 tsp ground roasted cumin powder

1 tsp chilli powder


Cooking Instructions:


  1. Mix the grated apples, ginger, salt and turmeric powder and set aside for 15 minutes so that the salt and turmeric permeates into the apples.
    Now add the grated jaggery little by little combining all the ingredients together.
  2. Then heat a pan and slowly sauté the mixture till all the jaggery is completely dissolved and the chundo thickens.
  3. Add the cumin at this point and stir in well.
  4. When the bubbles appear and the grated apple begin to glisten with the jaggery syrup and thickens, remove from the heat.
  5. Allow the mixture to cool before spooning into clean sterilised jars.



Cooks Tip 1: Use sweet or raw mangos instead of apples or use both in the same recipe.

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