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Cooking Middle Eastern Food

I’m recently back from Eygpt and armed with lots of new recipes from the region as enjoyed by people of the Middle East. I met with a number of chef’s on my travels who shared their love of food, cookery techniques and recipes, for this I am blessed. Now I’m raring to go and share these wonderful flavours with you on our Middle Eastern cookery classes.

Although I’m already a big fan of Tabbouleh, my new recipe freshly learned is really something to behold. The New almond Kofta’s and also something of a treat and we’ll be discovering some lovely fresh coconut desserts as well.

If you are interesting to learn Middle Eastern Cookery then join us on this class. Check our availability schedule to book your class now.

Middle Eastern Cookery classes

Whether it’s Moroccan, Labanese, Persian or anywhere in the Middle East you find an intense love of cooking, eating and entertaining. Many of the dishes in Middle Eastern cookery are common to each other and in our Middle Eastern cookery classes we share our experience and knowledge of this vibrant and exotic cuisine.

We will show you how to blend the wonderful array of aromatic spices; combining the sweet and savoury flavours whilst achieving a perfect balance and harmony of taste. As always you will take you on a journey of all the spices that are associated with Middle Eastern cookery; understanding your use of spices such as cinnamon, cardamon, saffron, and the rich roasted cumin.

What’s on the menu

At our One-day Middle Eastern cookery class you will prepare exotic dishes such as chicken tagine with dates & honey, this recipes dates back over 400 years, or aromatic lamb meatballs simmered in a tomato sauce with cherries, Spicy vegetables in apricots oven baked, Lamb with chickpeas in a casserole with sweet paprika and an aromatic layered pilaf rice dish.

As with all our classes you’ll be in a small group, giving you lots of one to one attention and of course entirely hands on cooking, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and spice up your day with this wonderfully aromatic cuisine.


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