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Top Student Cooking Tips- Learn to survive at university
Save Money, Eat Healthily and Learn Essential #Survival Skills, find out our top tips to help you get through university, with a special code for our Introduction to Cooking Class!
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Best foods to eat this summer!
Summer is the perfect time to buy fruits and vegetables. Look for fresh seasonal ingredients that are low in fat, cooling, light and nutritious. Here are some of our top ingredients and recipes to try out this summer!
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Seasonal Ingredients: Artichokes
It takes a bit of patience to prepare an artichoke, but once cooked you will be rewarded by the subtly flavoured leaves and the mouthwatering artichoke heart. Originating from the Mediterranean region, artichokes pair brilliantly with butter, lemon and parmesan.
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Butter Bean & Parsley Dip with Pitta Crisps
This recipe is about simplicity and easy eating.  Don’t be concerned by the use of olive oil with the butter beans, good oil will help you digest pulses and lubricate your joints. The liberal use of parsley is excellent for a boost of vitamin C and parsley is plentiful and delicious at this time of year.
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National Growing for Wellbeing Week
For me gardening is the perfect antidote to a hectic life that seems to be increasingly dominated by social media and technology, it’s a simple way of claiming back my place on this earth, of re-establishing a connection with my roots.
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