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Spice Cookery Book - A Cupboard Full of Spices
My spice cookery book, “A Cupboard Full Of Spices”, has finally gone to press.  It has been a labour of love and 10 years in the making.The book describes my journey in food, and all the influences I have had from childhood in a traditional Indian home in the UK to the present day.  It is a compendium of spices, explaining their uses and medicinal properties.   In the book I bring these together to create “The Alchemy of Food” which is at the heart of all the cookery classes we hold at The Cooking Academy and the corporate wellness programmes and team building events we run throughout the world.
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Lamb Raan-Spiced Roast Lamb
This is by far one of the best lamb dishes I have ever created and its gets better each time I do it.  It is a magnificent way to present a show case dish and long before the serving, the aromas in the kitchen will tantalise the taste buds, drawing your guests into the kitchen.  The texture of the lamb should be so tender that its almost like pulled pork as you serve it.   The red onion and potatoes caramelise wonderfully throughout the cooking process so add more than you need as they’ll go down a treat.  
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