Can your Teenagers Cook?


Are your ‘not so little’ loved ones going off to University this year? If so are they ready to cook for themselves or will they be eating beans on toast for the next 3 years ?

Perhaps the most important activity they will do during this holiday is to learn to cook in readiness for their independence and first flight away from home.

Cookery classes for children

Learning to cook is one of the most important life skill one can ever learn. It is preparation for life itself. At the very least it ensures healthy survival from KFC. A cook amongst a bunch of student will go down as an honoured fellow in deed, as they become rare breeds.

Cookery classes for Teenagers

Our Teenagers cookery class is designed to get young people cooking before they start their new journey of life. It is the perfect way to ensre your children can cook a healthy, cost effect meal that provides all of the nutritional value they need to support a healthy and active brain.

Cookery classes for children are often seen as an expensive activity; I say think again. It is a false economy to scrimp on £200 when you will invest in your childrens’ healthy 100 over by teaching them to cook. The act of cooking in itself is a social skill as well as a life skill. Teach your children to cook and they will live healthily for a life time. And who knows – they might even cook for you?

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