Cookery classes for beginners


We all have to begin somewhere, having the desire to learn is a great place to start. To be able to cook is a very important life skill, very much underated in the modern world. But here’s the thing – we all have to eat, in fact we eat several time a day and knowing what to eat to the greatest knowledge of all.

The Cooking Academy is the home of learning to cook; we teach people to cook, providing a range of cookery classes for beginners, cooking classes for children as well as cookery classes for adults. We embrace the desire to cook and teach you how to enjoy food at its best. Whether you’re an accomplished cook and want to learn different skills or learn the basics right the way through … our cookery school in Hertfordshire is ideally placed broaden your confidence in the kitchen.

Our beginners cooking classes will begin will some basic knife skills to get you working efficiently in the kitchen. Then we will begin to show you some simple techniques to make light of sauces and the bases for many dishes. We will show you how to cook everyday simple dishes that will help you to eat healthily yet tasty delicious food for you and your family. Its not just survival food ….. it will inspire you to go on and make a wide range of dishes to keep your taste buds coming back for more.

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If you would like to book a place please contact us on 01923 778880 or email


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