Cookery classes for healthy eating – Nutritional cookery classes


What you eat will have a direct impact on energy levels and well being, both physical and mental. We take for granted to know what to eat but it really can be quite confusing. With so many conflicting reports, food fads and trends, it quite easy to stick to a limited range of food that you know you like. Sadly this can lead to a dormant feeling of sluggishness and eventually depress the taste buds into mediocre flavours that offer no or little nutritional value.

Food is very much about mood and can quite literally transform how we feel and our outlook. If you need to be inspired or just need some help to understand the essentials of a good diet come along to our Nutritional Cookery Class. This class can kick start very good food habits.

First of all it will dispel a number of myths about food and what’s good or bad. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we’ll look at several great options, including portable ones for work days and food on the go. This Nutritional cooking class very much consider lifestyle and the choices we need to make to fit in with a busy, hectic schedule. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or punitive; It can include fabulous food that is tasty, and worth rushing home to make. It can include all the everyday ingredients – no special diets just interesting food that hits the spot and doesn’t take too long to prepare. Discover food that will build your immune system and the recipes you make make to achieve this. Learn what to eat if you’re low on Iron or want to increase protein in take with out the calories. We’ll not just show you what to eat , but how to cook it in such a way that you’ll actually want to eat these foods on a regular basis and begin part of your normal diet out of choice.

Be inspired to cook nutritionally dense food that will energise you, make you feeling much more motivated and able to do the things you want without the listlessness.

For further information about learning to cook good food that healthy and tasty call us on 01923 778880 or email .


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