Cookery classes for Kids


Half term week is always reserved for school, in one way or another. The first half of the week was for teachers who wish to attend the cookery school for personal cookery classes and can’t take time off during school term . The latter half of the week has been devoted to teaching teenagers to cook for survival – basic kitchen skill and simple nutrious food to give them independence: what a pleasure. It s great to see so many children that are so enthusiastic about food and cooking. I’m eternally grateful to the parent who share our ethos about cookery and see this ‘purchase’ as an investment in their childrens eating habits and future well being. Teach them cook and they’ll eat well for a life time.

Typically we teach them to cook a fish pie, a pasta sauce base from scratch, a white sauce, homemade burgers, a quick chicken dish and some veggie dishes – all on a budget to get them through university and independent living. They learn knife skill and simple techniques to be safe in the kitchen as well as short cuts to make food prep easy and save time.

To find out more about our classes contact us on 01923 77 8880, or email


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