Cookery classes in Rickmansworth


So today we’ve got the ever popular 1/2 day Indian cookery classes. We could run these everyday and fill them…. this class is a fabulous starting place. Whether you’re an accomplished cook or a beginner the beauty of this class is you’ll still learn so much.

This 1/2 day Indian cookery class starts with a spice trail, a detailed look at all the herbs and spices in cooking, whether its Indian or European; you’ll be amazed at just how much cross over there actually is. you will learn lots of little known facts about the health benefits of the herbs and spices and why they should be used. This part of the class is usually the element that surprises most people, and the part they enjoy so much because it is outside of the usual learning opportunity; all the things you should have been taught in your late teens, which could possibly have influeneced your food choices. There is lots of hands on cooking, spice blending and making tasty marinades… fantastic to stock up your fridge for quick suppers and mid week dinners. The biggest bonus is, it’s tasty real Indian food that you can learn to cook YOURSELF!

To find out more about our range of classes or to book a class contact Cara at The Cooking Academy on 01923 77 8880. or email her at


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