Cookery teambuilding events


If you are looking for change from the usual team building events then The Cooking Academy is definately the place to come. We are a cookery school with an absolute passion for food, which of course you would expect; but our unique approach to food and eating makes our cookery classes inspiring, motivational and fun; the perfect combination for a team building event.

Cooking classes to build a team

Our team building cookery classes allow people people to learn, relax and enjoy each e=others company in a non competitive way, building a spirit de corp that enables colleagues to bong with a shared experience. Cooking and eating together is a traditional nurturing activity that brings out the best of humanity, leaving a lasting connection with each other.

Some of our corporate clients include: Astra Pharmaceutical, Glaxo, McDonalds, Barclays, BMW Finance, Lloyds TSB, and many more.

Learn to cook in the bargain

As well as the corporate objective – our cookery classes are a life skill and valuable lesson in the science of food. Each of our events also incorporate a spice trail about the origins of spices and their chemical composition, an analysis of how they work with our human biology and shy they create the flavour they do. Added to that the technical skill of learning a range of recipes to build up on when they return home and enable them to cook delicious, nutritious dishes time and time again.

Office party events

If you are simply looking for a group event that everyone can take part in, A cooking class for your team is a fantastic opportunity to include food and wine into the events with a learning element. Our classes are fun and challenging in a non competitive way, enables colleagues to laugh with each other and create shared experiences, allowing you to enjoy each others company, whilst eating, drinking and learning.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate cookery classes please contact Kumud Gandhi here at The Academy and see what kind of event we can put together for you.

Tel : 0845 0 68 58 48



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