Cooking by Degrees

It won’t be long before September rolls around again and a new batch of students will be wending their way to their chosen University. In these upcoming weeks there are multitude of things to think about but it is fundamentally important not to let the subject of what you’re going to eat throughout the term slide down the list.

Many students arrive at University ill equipped to cater for themselves. A large proportion of freshers wouldn’t feel confident about boiling an egg or dicing an onion. According to recent research by the National Union of Students the average student relies on a daily food budget of roughly £3.47, which can disappear in a flash if spent on a diet of takeaways and refectory dining. Even worse is to prioritise buying drinks over feeding oneself- it’s a fact that not eating properly can lead to a whole host of problems, not least poor academic performance.

Be Self-Sufficient

It’s fashionable nowadays to insist that it is cheaper to make meals from scratch and this can certainly be the case when cooking large quantities as against eating out or buying a takeaway. Other than that you can’t argue the fact that the supermarkets sell an extensive range of ready meals for under £1; spaghetti Bolognese, mac and cheese and chicken curry and rice all immediately spring to mind and of course there’s always Pot Noodles, cereals and toast to fall back on!

So with this in mind should you bother to learn to cook at all? The answer has to be a resounding YES! Whilst you can easily buy a pre prepared dinner for under £1 not only will it be woefully lacking in nutrition and not as filling or sustaining as you might think but there’s a degree of emotional comfort to be derived in making something for yourself. It satisfies boxes in your brain that you don’t know even know that you are ticking, reminding you of home and of being cared for. Even those who have been champing at the bit to fly the nest will suffer from a bout of homesickness at some point and cooking for yourself can bridge that gap and provide an anchor to home.

Be Kind to Yourself and Reap the Benefits

Valuing yourself and cherishing that nourishing process is really important- it gives you emotional integrity. When you take the time and trouble to cook for yourself you are reinforcing the fact that you are important and deserving. The ability to be able to cook means more than just the ability to put a meal on the table. If you’re the cook in the house you could easily be the catalyst to enable your fellow housemates to socialize, share and bond. As the chef you’ll most likely find yourself in a great bartering position, you provide the food, your guests supply the drink- a great compromise and after all staying in is the new going out.

Freshers Cookery Class

You may find that a cookery class could be a worthy investment, after all, what’s a couple of hundred quid spent on learning a vital life skill compared to the next 3 years financial outlay?!  A great class will be packed full of straightforward, nutritious and delicious recipes coupled with more hints and tips than you can shake a stick at!

To gently ease you into your new role as a star cook why not attend our Freshers Cookery Class at The Cooking Academy? This session is specifically designed for novice cooks and nervous students and apart from a clutch of fabulous recipes we’ll surprise you with advice on how many weird and wonderful things you can freeze, what to do with your leftovers and how to repurpose dishes i.e. chilli on day one becomes enchiladas on day two and chilli jackets on day three. If that’s not enough we’ll also drill down into what essential staples to stock your store cupboard with and a selection of great dishes that can be conjured up from tins and packets, plus advice on what utensils you’ll need to equip yourself with.

If you are motivated to learn some new skills there are limited spaces still available on the class. Use code ‘STUDENT10’ to get a 10% discount off your booking and enjoy a full day session in our beautiful kitchen led by one of our expert chefs. Click here to head to the class

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