Cooking Courses in Rickmansworth


Learn to Cook Locally – Cookery school in Hertfordshire

Looking for cooking inspiration? look no further. Come along to The Cooking Academy – a unique cookery school right here in Rickmansworth, that specialises in teaching the nutritional value of ingredients and puts the beneifical properties of food at the heart of everything they teach. As well as learning the mechanics of how to cook and you will receive expert advice of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients being used to highlight why the recipe is good for you.

Cooking classes – Led by Food Scientist – Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The Cooking Academy’s says her approach to teaching is a combination of how and why, making learning much more of a inclusive experience. Furthermore, all the classes are entirely hands on, which means you get so much more out of the learning and more likely to be able to repeat the recipes in your own kitchen.

There are a wide range of cookery classes available run by different chefs from all over the world and with different expertise. To discuss a suitable cookery class for you please speak to Cara Brummitt on 01923 77 8880. or email

Cooking Courses in Rickmansworth


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