Corporate cookery classes with The Cooking Academy


We’re building teams today, for the future.

The Corporate Challange

A group of people have a shared revenue target of £50 Million, they need each others co-operation to deliver the end product. Whilst they work together they don’t actually share the same office or the same country!

The Action Plan

So today they’re going to bond. Get to know each other and share a little space! Cooking for each other and themselves and they have approximately 1 hour in which to make a three course meal and set the table, they have 3 per team and 4 teams. Communication, cameraderie and cohesion will win the task, bringing together hearts and minds. Team building at its very best.

Corporate Cookery Events

At The Cooking Academy we run a number of corporate cookery programmes to help organisations work more effectively together. We facilitate a place where people can bring down the normal barriers, get to know each other and work together to complete a task of humanity and shared pleasure – to cook for each other.

We can provide large corporate cooking events, smaller teams of 8 to 15 departmental groups or just a few people small groups of 5 or 6 for a special events or incentive. Whatever the objective our location in Rickmansworth or other off site locations in London and the home counties can put together a very extraordinary event for you.

For more information contact or telephone us on 01923 778880.


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