By cooking and eating together in a social but professional environment we foster a greater connection, increasing trust and enabling teamwork.

We provide events at a variety of venues in London EC1V (Central Street), London Hammersmith, London City (Fetter Lane), Rickmansworth (Hertfordshire), Berkhampstead, Berkshire (SL), Wokingham (RG41), Oxford (OX14), Cambridge (CB4)

We work with organisations to bring groups of individuals together to create strong teams and develop powerful relationships with co-workers, leadership groups and key clients.

Our wide range of events can achieve your corporate goals with activities such as:

Our events are fully managed by our team and led by experienced chefs, all the ingredients and equipment are provided.

Cooking is a team building activity that builds camaraderie breaking down professional barriers for effective team collaboration. Discover!
Nutritional eating and well-being are crucial for maintaining health and overall wellness, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.
ENTERTAINMENT & HOSPITALITY Our bespoke hospitality cookery events can help you impress even the most discerning guests. The challenge with...
Assess potential employees through a unique channel of team interaction helping you to identify the perfect fit for your organisation.
Personal Development & Rewards Scheme We believe that workplace culture and employee development are crucial for the success of any...
Our experienced event managers will work with you to create a customised experience that aligns with your business goals
Corporate Social responsibility activities We are passionate about promoting corporate social responsibility and supporting local communities. Companies with strong and...
Building team spirit from the comfort of your own home
LEADERSHIP &  DEVELOPMENT Develop interpersonal skills, communication and leadership qualities of your team through a fun cooking event. Strip back the hierarchy...
There is a mixture of presentation and hands on exploration of the topic, in a relaxed environment
With the help of our expert chefs, you could be cooking your own delicious Christmas banquet! The fun begins with...

What people say.

“The cookery event has helped me reflect on the importance of teamwork – there was a great team spirit throughout the day, and it has also taught me how food doesn’t just fill you up but is also part of your lifestyle. The whole day was first class – one of the best corporate days experienced.” (Mark Williams – Three UK)

Team building – Three UK

What an amazing day we all had…it has been the topic of conversation today and the photos have been flying around the office!  It has had the desired effect on the teams here so we are delighted with the outcome.     Thank you all for your most professional help not only before we arrived but during our event too.    (Dawn Lipman – Full Power Utilities)



Full Power Utilities – Corporate Athlete

“I learnt a lot about people I thought I knew quite well. Cooking is very nurturing and similar to managing people.” (Eric Pedersen – Bra Boehringer-Ingleheim)

Recruitment & Selection – Bra Boehringer-Ingleheim

“Thanks you for a really great team building event today. The whole day exceeded my expectations, starting with the degree of knowledge and skills developed as a team, level of engagement and, most of all, fun! We’ve all let our hair down in a professional way and got to know each other. This is the best team event we’ve done and certainly won’t be the last.” (David Grays, Oracle Finance)

Team building – Oracle Finance

“Both personally and professionally it exceeded my expectations from what I thought could be my development & Reward programme. The day was a fantastic introduction to Indian cookery and a bonus being in such a relaxed and lovely environment.” (Lindy Butters, De Vere Venues)

Personal Development & Reward programme – De Vere Venues

“We had a really fun and interesting evening – cooking and enjoying a glass or two at the same time – what a great way to cook.” (Jen Brumsworth – Serco Events)

Food Innovation Event – Serco Events

“The sushi party with a live master class was a great hit with our clients – thank you for organising such an enjoyable event.” (Anna Collins – UBS)

Sushi and Salsa – UBS

Who we have worked with.

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