Corporate Social responsibility activities

We are passionate about promoting corporate social responsibility or CSR activities and supporting local communities.

Companies with strong and genuine CSR policies boast more engaged employees, with increased retention, passion, and creativity.

employees are enjoying corprate social responsibility activites wih our corporate events

Studies relate that “employees who perceive their organizations to be socially responsible reported higher levels of creative self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation, which in turn positively influenced their creativity at work.”

By working together to produce and share delicious meals with those in need, we forge the strongest emotional connections. With our extensive experience in CSR objectives and implementation, we will help your company fulfill and deliver your CSR commitments.

Businesses and their employees are integral members of the community, and we all have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves and contribute to the common good.

We have integrated our corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our business philosophy and operational activities, and we help Companies to ‘pay back’ to the community. For every donation you make – The Cooking Academy will match that donation to supplement our support for the communities in which we work (AKA Central Street, Rickmansworth Women’s Refuge, YMCA)

We have held events with numerous charities including:

  • Help for the Homeless,
  • Catholic Workers Farm and
  • The Peace Hospice

We can work with you to produce CSR events in your local community or with a chosen charity.

The Association of Project Managers (APM) Case Study

Download our corporate social responsibility activities brochure to share the concept with your colleagues.


employees of roche company are attending corporate social responsibility events at 'The Cooking Academy'

CSR Event Formats

Every event is unique for each client, however, some of the most popular formats are:

  • ‘Bake, Eat and Donate’: Participate in a team bake-off while also donating some of your creations to local homeless charities.
  • ‘The Soup Kitchen’: Cook and serve hearty meals for the homeless and those in need.
  • ‘The Payback Foundation’: Host any of our team events at venues that have hired individuals who have overcome difficult circumstances.
  • ‘The Cook’s Apprentice’: Shop for ingredients in the local community as part of a cookery challenge to support local businesses.
  • ‘Santa’s Little Helper’: Build gingerbread houses and create sweet treats for those less fortunate during the Christmas season.

All aspects of our events are entirely managed by our team of chefs and event managers; we provide all necessary equipment, ingredients, and even a mobile kitchen if required, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the day.

London, Rickmansworth, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire

Group Sizes
Group sizes range from 6 to 150 people.

Silverwood, London Road Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, WD3 1JR VIEW ON THE MAP Coming from London? The nearest main line & underground...
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Corporate Social responsibility activities We are passionate about promoting corporate social responsibility and supporting local communities. Companies with strong and...

What people say.

"I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to The Cooking Academy and everyone involved for my Vietnamese Course I attended today. I absolutely loved the course it was so informative; the food was outstanding and so tasty and authentic, and Sarah was a brilliant teacher. The group were lovely, and I had such a fun day thank you so very much. I hope to return and do the Indian course later in the year"
Vietnamese class-Karen Peacock
"All of your recipes are very minimal ingredients yet so much flavour."
The Garlic Story Book – Rita G
"I just wanted to drop a note to say having received the book for my birthday in November I’ve cooked something different from the book every week and used it to do most if not all of my Christmas cooking.  The Lamb and the potatoes went down a storm!  I’ve received lots of compliments for my food and just wanted to Thank you "
The Garlic Story Book – Smita M
"This book doesn't just share recipes; it shares the heart and soul of cooking. I'm already planning a garlic-themed dinner party!"
The Garlic Story Book – Nick S
"The Garlic Story unlocks a whole new world of culinary possibilities. A must-read for every food enthusiast!"
The Garlic Story Book – Zach D
"I’m loving your latest book, I’ve made quite a few recipes, and they are so easy to follow, and just like ‘A cupboard Full of spices’ delivers so much flavour.  I’ve never made a confit before so that’s another new thing I’ve learned.  I’m loving it ….  Thank you for helping me to cook so much more from scratch … you’ve changed our families eating habits forever! "
The Garlic Story Book – Priya G
"Oh, to hear that one should ditch the garlic press! A revelation. I had no idea, and I shall do so, and pass the word around!"
The Garlic Story Book – Janet L
I had a really great time taking part and the food was just divine! The uber “healthy” recipes I’ve tried in the past have been somewhat uninspiring, but Kumud’s packed in so much flavour. And she did such a great job at explaining why the ingredients are important and what they do for us. 10 out of 10 afternoon, thank you!  (Kate -Karl Storz)
Karl Storz – Corporate Events
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