“A Cupboard Full Of Spices”


My book, A Cupboard Full Of Spices, has finally gone to press.  It has been a labour of love and 10 years in the making.  I have learnt so many things on the journey for instance; designing a cover requires so many complicated and technical decisions!  I think I’ve become a print expert along the way!

It was a real dichotomy to decipher which recipes to include and which to leave out.  Once decided, we tested all the recipes again to make sure the instructions are clear, as a favourite recipe can be second nature!

The fun, and the hard work involved in a photo shoot was phenomenal.  Cooking the recipes, plating and presenting them in their best light for the photographer.  I marvel at the chefs who look so well coiffed and calm in the photos in their books!’

“A Cupboard Full Of Spices” describes my journey in food, and all the influences I have had from childhood in a traditional Indian home in the UK and India to the present day. The book is a compendium of spices, explaining their uses and medicinal properties.  I have included a reference icon for each recipe showing the influences on health and wellbeing that the ingredients of the recipe can bring.

The book will be published at the beginning of October and is available to order on the website today. Buy yours now!

I hope anyone who buys it has as much pleasure in reading and cooking the recipes as I have had in creating the book, and here’s a little taster…  [3d-flip-book mode=”thumbnail-lightbox” urlparam=”fb3d-page” id=”12023″ title=”false” template=”short-white-book-view” lightbox=”dark”]





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