Duke of Edinburgh Skills Cookery Courses


Our DofE cookery skills programme provides an opportunity for young people to learn, engage and be inspired in nutritional cookery whilst gaining both essential life skills and confidence-building experiences. Cooking is not only about creating delicious food, working in a kitchen environment enhances organisation, time management and analytical skills which are transferable to any walk of life and applicable throughout your lifetime.

Our classes are especially designed to develop an understanding of food hygiene, knife skills and safety in the kitchen in a fun and personalised way as well as the creation of recipes to prepare our young adults for independent life and a brighter and healthier future. Learning to cook is therefore a very rewarding skill.

All the classes are entirely hands on and students take home their recipes to share with their families.  With a maximum of 7 students per class  everyone has immediate access to a chef, providing them with as much personal assistance and support as required.

Our classes are suitable for children and teenagers aged 13-17 looking to enjoy learning a new life skill as well as those completing the skills section of their Duke of Edinburgh workbook. We would highly recommend our Introduction to Cooking class as a starting position.

What we do?

Bronze Award

The Bronze award is completed over a 12 week period. From the onset of the first class, the student must complete a weekly electronic diary with descriptions and photo images of the dishes they have cooked to be reviewed with their personal chef. This cookery programme must be completed within the 12 week period.  Upon completion of the classes, the student will meet with their chef to appraise their progress and assess their cookery skills. Each class is available at the discounted price of £179 each. Students must participate in a minimum of two classes.

Silver Award

The Silver award is completed over 24 week period. From the onset of the first class, the student must complete a weekly electronic diary with a description and photo images of the dishes they have cooked to be reviewed with their personal chef. The remaining classes must be completed within this 24 week period.  Upon completion of the classes, the student will meet with their chef to appraise their progress and assess their skills. Each class is available at the discounted price of £179 each. Students must participate in a minimum of four classes.

See itinerary for more details.


Our classes are designed to develop confidence in the kitchen to enable students to cook a variety of dishes without supervision. The classes are geared towards developing the following skills.

  • Basic food hygiene and storage of food
  • Knife skills, how to be safe with a knife, correct handling of sharp tools, Techniques in chopping, slicing, dicing a range of vegetables.
  • Food preparation techniques
  • Safe handling of saucepans
  • Temperature management in the cooking
  • A variety of techniques in cooking such as sautéing, stir-frying, pan-frying, simmering boiling and baking.
  • A breakdown of nutritional needs in everyday eating for essential good health.

To complete our classes

  • NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED – we teach the basics behind everything from nutritional information to cooking utensils.
  • We provide all ingredients and equipment.
  • Lunch is included in the day, cooked by the class members themselves
  • Each young person is sent away with recipes to practice at home, which they then submit evidence of in order to fulfil the follow on requirements of the award.







Is lunch provided in this class?
Yes, lunch is provided, if you have any special dietary requirement please make those known to us at the time of your booking.

Is there parking available on site?
Yes, there is ample car parking available on site – free of charge.

Is there anything I need to bring to the class?
Yes, you will need to bring some tupperware/plastic containers with you to take home some of the delicious recipes you will cook on the day. This will also be highlighted in your booking confirmation letter. Everything else, including an apron will be provided.

Will I have my own cooker and cook my own recipes?
Yes, you will be cooking on your own hob and will be making the recipes individually tailored to your personal palate and preference.

Can I bring a spectator with me?
I’m afraid not. All attendees must be paying participants in the class.

If I purchase this cookery class can the recipient exchange it for another class of their preference?
Yes, vouchers can be exchange for other classes, if there is a short-fall in the value, they can pay the difference. If the voucher is for a greater amount they will be able to make purchases on the day to use up the full value of the voucher. Alternatively, you can purchase an open voucher that can be redeemed against any class of the equivalent value.

If I simply wish to buy a voucher how do I do this?
Vouchers can either be purchased on-line or over the phone.

What kind of vouchers can I buy?
You can either buy an open-dated voucher or a voucher for a specific class. Open-dated vouchers can be redeemed against any half day or one day classes offered by The Cooking Academy and are valid for up to 1 year. A dated voucher is valid for the class for which it has been bought although this can be changed if more than 28 days’ notice is given. Monetary value vouchers can also be purchased and used to contribute towards payment of any of our classes or against spices or utensils from The Spice Shop.

What happens when I buy a voucher as a gift?
You have the option of buying a downloadable voucher or a gift voucher. A downloadable voucher will need to be printed of by you at the time of purchase. The order generates a voucher serial number and if the voucher purchased is for an open dated voucher, the serial number will need to be used when booking onto a specific class. Alternatively we can send you or the recipient a voucher presented in a gift box at an additional cost of £4.00. This charge is levied at the check out process. When the recipient would like to redeem his/her gift voucher, they can either call us to book onto their chosen class or send us an email or alternastivey if the voucher has been purchased on line, they can redeem the voucher using the voucher code generated by the order.

What happens next when I buy a voucher for a specific class?
You will receive acknowledgment of your purchase followed by a booking confirmation from a The Cooking Academy during office hours. This will be emailed to the class attendee unless otherwise requested by you (in the event of a surprise) in which case the booking confirmation will be emailed to you directly. The booking confirmation will outline all the information requited to attend the class. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation you are requested to acknowledge the confirmation and respond by email where you will also list any allergies or food intolerances.

Can I upgrade a half day voucher to a full day?
Yes, the recipient of the voucher can upgrade a half day voucher to a full day voucher at a cost of £85.00.

How do I book onto a class with a gift experience voucher?
The Cooking Academy accepts a whole range of gift experience vouchers. To redeem your voucher you can call us on 01923-778880 or email us on cook@thecookingacademy.co.uk to book your chosen cookery class.

How long is a voucher valid for?
The Cooking Academy vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. They can be extended for a further 3 months at a cost of £25.00 per voucher.

Book onto a class: £179

Our cookery classes are discounted for Duke of Edinburgh students, classes are usually £199 Students need to attend at least two classes at The Cooking Academy. We highly recommend starting with our Introduction to Cooking class, the second class can be any of our one day classes (with the exception of the advanced classes). For further information or to book on to our classes please call us on 01923 778880 or email cook@thecookingacademy.co.uk. The classes will be discounted when more than 4 classes are booked or a group booking is made. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Or buy an open dated voucher:

Can be used on any date, or perfect as a gift!

Or book by phone:

Call 01923 778880 for assistance or questions