Eat More – Weigh less! Speed Up Your Metabolic Rate


Do You Eat The Right Kind of Food to Manage Your Metabolism?

Eat More – Weigh less is all to do with your diet and metabolism. The content and rate at which you consume and burn calories will ultimately determine your well-being; not just physically but more importantly, mentally and emotionally. The key to this is eating the right food to trigger hormones in the body that enable certain functions to be carried out. If the body is not satisfied with the nutrition levels you are providing and it requires to perform, it will simply not send the right messages.

Eat More – Weigh less! The Right Foods!

The brain communicates with the body every milli second of every minute 24/7. If we don’t read those messages correctly the body becomes lethargic and less dynamic over a period of time, eventually, the body begins to malfunction and eventually grinds to a halt with a major illness. However long before that process, the body repeatedly sends out warnings, weight gain is one of them, tiredness and lethargy are another, and poor digestion is a big tell-tale sign.

Learn to Cook Nutritional-dense meals

Eating the right kinds of food at the right time is important. Do you know what the ‘right kinds of foods’ are? “What does a good breakfast look like?” Is it five a day or seven a day? can those be any seven? how much protein should I eat and why is that important? Can I give up carbs?

Nutritional Cooking Classes

Our Nutritional Cookery Class is designed to help you understand what a good meal consists of. We dispel myths about food and diets and explore all the healthy foods that are tasty and nutritious. We look at various food groups that can actually stimulate the body’s natural defenses and build vital vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy heart, and vital organ, that supports the growth of skin, hair, and nails to give the body vitality, vibrance and energy.

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