Eat More – Weigh less


Diets are not really about punishment or food deprivation. diet actually means ‘a great way of eating’. If that doesn’t sound like your diet then you need to come to our Nutritional cooking classes where you really can learn to eat more and weigh less . Losing weight means you need to increase your metabolic rate. You won’t achieve that by reducing your intake of food. Infact you will have the reverse effect on your body – resulting in slowing down your metabolic rate and therefore not losing weight at all – worse still potentially gaining it when you start to eat normally.

Our nutritional cookery classes examines the effects of eating on the body and looks at ways to increase the metabolism and eat the things that are efficient for the body to digest and speed up your metabolic rate. We’ll teach you to eat food that is good for you, your taste buds and your waist line!

Call us on 01923 778880 to book your class or email Cara for more information.


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