English Raspberries are in season – 5 great reasons to eat raspberries


5 reasons to eat raspberries

English Raspberries are in season and simply at their best! and whilst raspberries are available all year round, if like me you prefer to eat seasonally then they are well worth the ten month wait in my opinion. They are plump and burgeoning with bright jewel like goodness, not nearly as tart as the ‘out of seasonal produce’.

Early research findings in the US and Canada suggest that raspberries may contain fat busting compounds that could potentially be a key to weight-loss, as the phyto-chemicals in raspberries may increase the metabolism of fat cells. However their long list of credentials for their health benefits already make them a super fruit.

Nutritional value of raspberries

Raspberries contain a significant amounts of plant based chemicals like anti oxidants that bring potential health benefits against cancer, ageing, inflammation, and neuro-degenerative diseases.

Raspberries are high in vitamin A, C , E and K. They also contain good amounts of the B Complex range of vitamins as well as potassium, manganese, copper , iron and magnesium. Collectively these vitamins and minerals are responsible for policing the body for bad blood cells, that cause cancer and ageing, metabolising food correctly to fuel the body efficiently and controlling the heart rate and blood pressure.

5 great reasons to eat raspberries

Anti cancerous – they scavenge bad blood cells in the body

Anti-ageing – high in vitamin A, E, and C – by oxygenating the blood cells they invigorate the blood, eliminating toxins

High in Fibre – excellent for the digestive tract and help to metabolise food

High in Potassium – which helps to regulate the heart and blood pressure

High in anti oxidants – therefore great for your immune system, building blood and keeps bugs and germs in abeyance.

Serving suggestions for raspberries

Add to porridge for breakfast or with some Greek yoghurt with honey for dessert.
Add to porridge for breakfast or with some Greek yoghurt with honey for dessert.
When purchasing raspberries its important to buy them fully ripe as these contain more anthocyanin therefore higher in anti oxidant value.

The taste of raspberries can vary from sweet to acidic depending on their variety and time of year that you are enjoying them, however here are a few Quick Serving Ideas

Mix fresh raspberries in with creamy porridge for a sweet morning breakfast treat.
Raspberries go rather well with balsamic vinegar – Although this may seem unusual do try it – the flavours pair really well.
Plain or Greek yoghurt mixed with raspberries, honey, and freshly chopped mint is rather yummy or raspberries and a little nutella in pancakes is a wonderful dessert or breakfast treat.
Then of course there is the smoothie with yoghurt or with some apple juice.
Or perhaps turn it into a coulis for dessert.
Or even a daiquiris – evening cocktail
Article by Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The cooking Academy cookery school in Rickmansworth. For further information please contact Kumud at


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