Feeling Moody – you could be short of folic acid


Feeling Moody, Folic Acid could be the answer!

If you regularly drop your moods levels and feel irritable, the chances are you could be deficient in folic acid or vitamin B.

Folic acid is not just for the pregnant as it is often associated, It helps the production of new cells along with iron. It is essential for nerves and strengthening the mind.

One of the best ways in which you can take in folic acid is through vegetables like brocoli, green beans or asparagus. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phosphorus which invigorate your skin, arteries and your stomach function to help digestion, in other words the conversion of what you eat to mineral value to the blood cells.

Try having asparagus with parma ham or steamed as a vegetable or stir fry, or even risotto. The first option is great as a lunch, quite portable and compact to pack yourself from home, great for kids too.

Written by Kumud Gandhi – Food writer, broadcaster and Founder of The Cooking Academy cookery school. Kumud Gandhi has a background in Food science and teach the importance of healthy eating for improved performance at work and school and for general well being. Contact Kumud on


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