Foraging for the first time and our top tips!


If you are curios about what food nature has to offer but are unsure where to start, then we have some simple tips to set you on your way into the world of foraging. Not only is foraging an easy way to bump up your daily step count but it’s also free. It’s a great way to spend some time outside and become one with nature, but before you get started its important to forage with caution.

  1. When it comes to public footpaths and woodland areas, you can forage till your hearts content. However, when it comes to private land, according to the ‘Countryside and Wildlife Act’ 1981, it is illegal to forage on private land without the landowner’s permission.
  2. Just because you have found an area flourishing with berries, doesn’t mean you need to pick off the whole bush. Never completely strip the area and avoid damaging animal habitats. Leave enough food for other foragers and the animals.
  3. Possibly one of the most important rules… DON’T eat anything until you are 100% sure it is edible and not poisonous. Educate yourself from a few books or blogs first and start with what you know e.g. Nettles, Berries, Elderflower etc.
  4. Don’t forage to close to the ground as it could have already been used as a dog’s lavatory! Don’t pick by the side of the road as not only is it dangerous but it will be too polluted.
  5. There is safety in numbers. So, if you decide to start foraging, perhaps find a local group who will be able to guide you. Or investigate into doing a course where you’ll be able to brush up on your knowledge before you head out into the wild!

So, if you’re thinking of foraging for a few of your meals then please do so with caution! If you stumble across any cherries, why not try out our cherry jam recipe, perfect when smothered onto fresh scones with clotted cream!

Click here to find the recipe!

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