Five foods that should not be on your breakfast menu


Is breakfast always a chore? do you find yourself reaching for the easiest thing available? Be careful! this is a trap many of us fall into. That extra 5 minutes in bed can end up costing us several hundred calories over a period of just one week, which is exactly how the fat creeps up. What you eat for breakfast can set you up for the day, so make it a good one and you’ll start as you mean to go on.


As delicious as they look – they are an absolute no-no for breakfast. They contain processed white flour which has been stripped of all its nutrient value. Even the energy argument doesn’t wash, since the calorific value is empty, but sadly not zero. It means that you believe you’re eating something that will give you energy, so for a very short time you’re superficially satisfied but much like diet coke, it fools you into believing energy is about to be released, in fact it delivers a bit of a thumping low, leaving you craving for more sugar in just a short time.

If you want Carbs then go for 100% wholegrain and whole wheat, something like porridge is your best bet. Add some honey or blueberries to give it a sweetener rather than sugar. Be careful not to go for the high sugar content, highly processed cereals, their not far behind the pastries!


As harmless as they sound they are the silent sugar loaders, not far behind the pastries. The wheat used in cereals are stripped of much of the natural wholegrain and wheatgerm we should be getting from original cereal. The vitamins are then artificially sprayed on but the body doesn’t absorb them because of the highly processed manufacturing methodology. whilst they may not contain fat, the sugar soon turns into fat when consumed.

Egg White Omelettes

Oh what a waste! Good fat burns bad fat and what better fat than that contained in an egg yolk! 90% of the goodness of an egg is contained in the yolk. Fat is also an essential part of our diets, particularly for the heart and other areas of the body to function properly. The Amino Acid in egg yolk is very good for busting fat. Each whole egg contains iron, zinc, phosphorus, thiamine, B6, folate, and B12, and panthothenic acid. In addition, the egg yolk contains all of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

A high protein breakfast of eggs, poached, boiled or omelettes is the definitely the way.

Fake fat spread – Otherwise known as margarine

Why take a perfectly good oil and whisk the life our of it? That’s exactly how margarine is manufactured. A oil like sun flower or olive is whisked at very high speed for a long time to change the molecular structure to emulate the texture of butter. However in the process of doing so it hydrogenates the fat, turning the oil into trans-fats.

My advise is stick to butter in small quantities. or swap to Coconut oil which will also spread like a butter, Coconut oil very much sits at the top of the food chain.


Once hailed as the super nutritious replacement to a meat protein, Soya is understood to contain high amounts of compounds known as phyto-oestrogens or plant-oestrogens, these compounds are known to mimic oestrogen, the powerful female hormone.

These highly active compounds are found in large concentrations in soya. Such are the doses of these chemicals, a woman drinking two glasses of soya milk a day over the course of a month will see the timing of her menstrual cycle alter. It has been estimated that infants who are fed soya formula exclusively receive an amount of oestrogen equivalent to five birth control pills every day. Globally we have seen changes in the presence of oestrogen levels, could the increase in Soya animal feed have anything to do with this?

If you need to eat an alternative to protein – try whey protein, stir it into pancakes mix, smoothies. If you need a quick breakfast – grab a banana and a yoghurt or porridge in a pot!


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