The Alchemy of Food

Food is medicine and medicine is food – Hipprocates 320 BC

Do you eat to live or live to eat?  Is food just about filling a hole?  If it is then think again – this presentation is a game-changer!

Kumud Gandhi, a Food Scientist, Author, and Founder of The Cooking Academy will take you behind the scenes at the food we eat, the choices we make, and what factors have influenced our eating habits today. How we have evolved to become the humans we are today and what role has food played in our evolution.  How does food impact our brains and our bodies?

We are we taught to do most thing in life and yet never taught why we use certain ingredients and how they benefit us!

We are what we eat and this presentation will help you make more informed choices based on science and non-jargon nutrition.  It will make you think about the way in which we use ingredients to cook, why we pair certain ingredients together, how to use herbs and spices in cooking, and to what end.

This is an interactive presentation, using a number of herbs, spices, and ingredients to illustrate the point.  Be ready to be inspired and change your outlook, because Food is Functionality, not just flavour! 


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