Indian Cookery class in Hertfordshire


Indian Cookery classes for beginners

If you’re beginning to dabble with spices and herbs to make your own ‘Indian’ then this class is for you.

With a choice of either a half or full day Indian cookery class, both our classes are a gentle but in-depth look at authentic Indian cookery. It dispels the myths surrounding Indian food and its so called complexities. You’ll throw away any remaining jars, you’ll restock your spice cupboard and you’ll look forward to coming home to ‘cook your fit’ with our beginners guide to real Indian food!

Not only that, most importantly this class will also change your mind set from the sloppy curry scene to real Indian dining – gourmet style just like the myriad of British Indian families eat every night.

For information and dates for our half-day Indian cookery class, click here>

For information and dates for our one-day Indian cookery class, click here>

Real Indian food starts with The Cooking Academy


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