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Middle Eastern cookery classes are becoming ever popular with more and more of us interested in this wonderful aromatic cooking. One of my favourite places to enjoy Middle Eastern food is Maroush in theWest End,Edgware Road, just past Marble Arch.

I started cooking Middle Eastern food many years ago and have come to serve this cuisine at numerous dinner parties and has always gone down very well as it has a very relaxed style of eating and enjoying food the balance of spices is generally pleasing to most palettes.

The classic staples of Middle Eastern food is Lamb, chickpeas wheat bread and aubergine all subtly touched with fragrant spices and herbs and accompanied with liberal servings of some form of yogurt. In many ways Middle Eastern food, whether it is Lebanese, Iranian or Persian isn’t too dissimilar to Indian food, though perhaps the use of chillies are not as liberal in this cuisine. Its use of paprika, cumin and many other aromatic spices share common ground with north Indian food.

In our Middle Eastern cookery classes we unearth the spice trail and look at the aromatic flavours created by these ingredients. We will prepare exotic dishes such as chicken tagine with dates & honey, and aromatic lamb meatballs simmered in a tomato sauce with cherries, Spicy vegetables in apricots oven baked, Lamb with chickpeas in a casserole with sweet paprika and an aromatic layered pilaf rice dish.

Be prepared to cook a wonderful feast of food to share with your family.

To find out more information about our cookery class please contact Cara Brummitt on 01923 77 8880. Or email her on


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