Learn to make Fabulous Sushi in Hertfordshire


Ever wished you could roll your own fresh sushi ? Well now you can, join us on one of our Sushi Masterclasses here at The Cooking Academy in Rickmansworth and learn to roll your very own sushi, I promise you’ll never have supermarket sushi ever again.

Making sushi is entirely down to technique, something that all becomes clear when you are shown step and step and coached on a one to one basis with the tutor. Even the most sausage fingers can become quite adept at knocking out sushi rolls, in side rolls or even the speciality hand rolls.

At our sushi classes in Rickmansworth we’ll show you how to prepare the ingredients, cook the sushi rice and explore all the do and dont’s about japanese ingredients and sushi making. Our sushi classes are entirely hands on with you learning to make sushi and having the opportunity to practise and perfect with a tutor working with you all the time.

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