Learning to cook Authentic Indian food


A Quest for real Indian food

Real Indian food is a treat. Ask anyone who has travelled to India to tell you about their experience of real Indian food in India and you’ll get a resounding thumbs up. It’s like nothing you’ve tasted here in the UK in a restaurant or take away.

The closest you’ll get to real Indian food is to learn to cook real Indian food yourself. Join us on one of our Indian cookery classes and be astounded by the awakening of your senses, by the essence and flavours of wholesome Indian cookery.

Our Indian cookery classes range from beginners with a spice trail, the one day Indian cookery class and the Advance Indian cookery class. We also have Vegetarian Indian cookery classes as well as two day comprehensive cookery classes. Whatever the level and budget we have a class to suit your needs, and most of all your palette.

You will learn how to blend real spices create your own masala blends and drum up tasty smahing food within 20 minutes (even beats Jamie’s 30 minutes cook off. ) Learn to cook Indian food is truely put into a new light as you very quickly become comfortable with you star anise, cumin, and garam masala. Very soon you’ll be making your own….

Join us on the Advanced Indian cookery class here at The Cooking Academy – The home of Asian cuisine.

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