Learning to cook Indian Cuisine


Today I was teaching an Indian cookery class here at The Academy in Rickmansworth. With Amrit off with an injured ankle and Kristen back in New Zealand for the time being, I’m racking up a number of classes. Its all good because I have say its reminded me of why I started on the journey 4 years ago; I am glad I have the opportunity to do what I do as a job, though its so much more than just a job. To say I love meeting new people is a cliche but I do love meeting new people and making a small contibution to their life journey on the culinary front. None more so than today with the group of people I had in my class.

I’ve already had 2 emails from them this evening so far and i love it…. they’ve been shopping, and their putting into practise what they learn’t today, that’s great!

I’m a happy bunny and I’m glad I do what I do for a living. I enjoy seeing new faces and I love to see the people come back again and again for classes… or new recipes because that means my mission is working ! 🙂

Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The Cooking Academy


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