NO more turkey curry – Make way for the Somosas’


Turkey Somosas – A great recipe for left over turkey

If you always have the problem ‘What to do with left over turkey’ then here’s a great alternative to the usual curry pot.

Have a go at making our tried, tested and much loved recipe for Turkey Somosas and turn leftovers into scrummy canapes for your guests over Christmas. It is easy to make and there are lots of ingredients that can be used as substitutes to use up all your left over vegetables from the fridge. For example if you can’t find somosas pastry then use filo pastry, or even puff pastry and instead of frying them just bake them in the oven brushed with a little egg.

Turkey Somosas


Section 1 – somosa filling

300g cooked turkey meat – shredded of the joint

5 stems salad onions finely chopped

2 finely chopped Thai chillies (these are much less hotter so provide volume and texture)

100g garden peas

60g sugar snap peas finely shredded (substitute with Red pepper if necessary)

30g bean sprouts

1 tsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp grated ginger

Salt to taste

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 large handful chopped coriander

30 g or a handful of fresh coriander

4 tbsp chilli & fennel spice blend – see our web site for the recipe

Section 2

Somosas pastry or Filo pastry

50g Plain flour

Cold water

Vegetable Oil to fry

Cooking Instruction:

To make the somosas filling:

In a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients in section 1 and mix well. Taste to season accordingly with salt and additional chillies if required.

Filling the somosas:

Start by making a flour paste (edible glue) to bind the somosas together. Mix flour and water in a bowl until it is pancake consistency.
Now separate the somosa pastry one slice at a time covering the pastry you are not using with a slightly damp cloth. Create pocket as shown in the class and fill. Be careful to seal all the edges to prevent leaking whilst frying.
Heat oil to deep fry and slowly slide the somosas into the oil at the sides, cook for 1.5 minutes on either side or until golden brown.
Remove from oil onto absorbent paper to drain any oil and serve.
Cooks Hint 1: Don’t be afraid to be generous with the ‘edible glue’ as it will dry out like the pastry and stop the somosa from opening in the cooking process

Cooks Hint 2: Be careful the oil is not too hot as it will brown the somosas without heating the filling sufficiently.

Cooks Hint 3: The somosas can be frozen flat on a tray once made but before frying

Serving Tip: Allow somosas to cool for a moment or two before serving as they are too hot to eat straight away.

Recipe by Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The Cooking Academy- Cookery School


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