Nutritional cookery classes for weight loss


Calcium aids weight loss – eat yourself fit

If you are looking to lose weight then make sure your calcium levels are looking good. Calcium prevents diary fat from being absorbed by the body.

A good level of calcium would look like 1000mg a day. However not all of this should be taken from dairy sources. You should look at topping this up with calcium from other non dairy sources such as almonds and lentils like Black eyed peas, or baked beans. In fact beans are a favourite since they are also high in fibre. Kale is another great source of calcium, it is in season at present and a handful of kale will deliver a whooping 197mg.

Nutritional cookery classes for weight loss

For further information on eating for weight loss book on to our Nutritional cookery class and EAT YOURSELF FIT. The next class is available on Saturday 16th February 2013


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