Pancake Day!


Official or not pancakes are a twice or trice weekly affair in my house. Today is just another pancake day! and why not, they’re easy to make, very filling and yummy, a classic concept of flour milk and eggs and what ever filling you enjoy. It’s probably one of the first things my children learnt to cook and enables a simple meal out of regular store cupboard items.
Today I went to town on the fillings, loads of different berries in mine! I really like the poached rhubarb filling as well, bananas and stem ginger! and chocolate of course! Well you could also add a dash a rum to it, maybe not for breakfast but the dessert kind for sure!

Remember !
Plain Flour, milk , just enough to get the running consistency, 1 egg, a dash of salt and a dash of cream if you like, – if not – stick to flour, milk and 1 egg! beat and pour 3 tbsps into the frying pan at a time. Cook for 2 minutes, toss and cook for another minute. Out of the pan into the plate ….

What ever your fillings you use or whether you stick to lemon & sugar …. enjoy!


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