Pancake Day!


Well pancake day is once a week in my kitchen, it happens to be my children’s favourite breakfast. On Shrove Tuesday they insist on having them twice (for supper as well). I’ve concocted various recipes and flavours, the tried and tested ones are usually the favourites; Nutella, banana and blueberries.

I’ve taken to making a protein pancake, sneaking in some Whey protein when I can, and they’ve gone down rather well. Here’s the recipe, I hope you have a go and I hope their enjoyed as much as they are in my family.

Protein Pancakes

Pancakes needn’t be a treat, take the guilt away by making these my healthy protein packed version. They’re the small ones – much like scotch pancakes so the thicker dough works well.


7 tbsp plain flour (use gluten free flour if preferred)

2 scoops of whey protein powder

(use chocolate flavour – quite yummy)

2 tbsp honey or Agave syrup

1 banana – mashed up

1 large egg

3 tbsp milk

Vanilla extract or pod – optional

4 tsp coconut oil – if you have any or a knob of butter for each pancake if your frying them separately.

Pomegranates, berries, maple syrup, honey, and nutella or chocolate chips to serve.

Cooking Instructions:

In a bowl mash the banana until its smooth, add the vanilla, egg and milk, whisk into a smooth paste.
Now add the flour, protein powder and honey.
Whisk until the ingredients are all combined together into a smooth batter.
Melt the coconut oil or butter in a frying pan over a medium to low heat coating the surface of the pan, spoon 2 tbsps of the batter into the pan. When it starts to bubble at the edges and you’ve got a light brown even coating flip the pancake over. Cook until golden on both sides. Remove and set aside in a warm place on a warm plate whilst you make the rest. If possible use a wide frying pan and cook 3 at a time.
Serve the pancakes with berries, honey, maple syrup or chocolate spread
Cooks Tip 1: try using dark chocolate as a healthy alternative

Cooks Tips 2: Use almond milk instead of dairy milk


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