Peaches are in season and looking ripe, plump and perfect to eat, but you can also enjoy them in a liquid form with this delicious Peach Lemonade. Its really easy and refreshing and a great addition to your BBQ or summer party.

Serves 4 – prepare a few hours ahead to ensure it cooled and thoroughly infused.


4 ripe peaches – stones removed

4 lemons

8 tbsp muscovado or brown sugar

1 litre of sparkling water or soda water

10 Mint leaves

Ice to serve

Preparation Instructions:

Place the brown sugar in processor and grind to the consistency of caster sugar. Set aside.
Set aside one of the peaches to slice into 8 segments to serve in the glasses. Remove the skin of the remaining peaches and place them into a food processor and blitz until pureed. Pour into a jug (not the one you’re going to serve it in).
Peel the lemons using a peeler and place the zest into the jug, as well as the juice of the lemons and the sugar.
Pour 400 ml of boiling water into the jug and stir well until the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool over.
When it’s completely cool strain the liquid and pour into the serving jug. Add the sparkling water, ice and fresh mint leaves.
Add two slices of the peach segments into each glass and pour over the peach lemonade.
Serve immediately.
Cooks Tip 1: Use nectarines if you prefer

Cooks tip 2: Fresh basil added to homemade lemonade tastes great, it does in this too.


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