Performance enhancing foods – The bountiful beetroot


Enhance your Gym workout with Beetroot

This somewhat understated yet stunningly coloured vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrients. Just as its hue suggests beetroot is excellent for enhancing and purifying blood. And this is precisely where its performancing enhancing attributes come in. The Nitrate in beetroot can improve the performance of the muscles, leading to a greater oxygen supply to the muscles. Nitrate acts on muscle cells to make them more efficient, delaying the build up of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue which can slow you down when you are exercising.

This beautiful deep red colour comes from the betacyanin in beetroot, this and other powerful anti oxidants gives beetroot its amazing detoxing abilities, cleansing the liver and providing protection from cancer of the skin, lungs, and colon. Beetroot is also known to reduce blood pressure, lower cholestrol and balance blood sugar levels. Actually beetroot leaves are also nutritious, loaded with Iron and beta carotene.

Beetroot is most commonly eaten boiled, however I would suggest roasting beetroot and serving as a main vegetable, or even grated raw in a salad. For further information on healthy eating cookery classes or cookery classes for Nutritional cookery contact the Cooking Academy on 01923 778880.

Recipe for A great Beetroot Salad

My serving suggestion is to roast the beetroot drizzled with a little wholegrain mustard and agave syrup or indeed honey. When cooked, cut into chunks and serve with a thinly sliced red onion, fresh coriander, a little lemon zest , a dash of lemon and some watercress salad. Crumble some feta or ricotta cheese, season with sea salt and plenty of freshly cracked black pepper, and finally drizzle some good extra virgin olive oil. Then enjoy….. This recipe and other healthy eating delicous recipes are made in the One day Nutritional cookery courses at The cooking Academy

Written by Kumud Gandhi – Founder of The Cooking Academy cookery school in Rickmansworth – Hertfordshire


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