Planting Your Herb Garden


Planting Your Herb Garden

There is nothing quite like the taste of herbs freshly picked from your own garden. I’m already getting exciting about enjoying some new season’s herbs such as Oregano, Thyme and Lavender. I’m also fed up at having to pay exorbitant prices at the local supermarket for tiny little portions of herbs to make my daily juices, so I’m all ready to go! Whilst it may seem daunting to plant your own herb garden, I promise it will be a very rewarding afternoon since it will transform your suppers throughout the rest of the summer. I particularly enjoy cooking with herbs since they transform an ordinary dish into something really fragrant and special with just a sprinkle, and of course, they contain so much easy nutrition at the drop of a hat! People often mistakenly throw salt into a bland dish, not realising that a handful of herbs can have a greater effect on the meal, and less of an effect on your cardiovascular health!

Fresh herbs are easy to grow, whether in beds, borders, containers or on windowsills. A quick shortcut would be to buy young plants and plant them out into slightly bigger pots. There are a number of herbs that can also be grown all year round. You don’t need a lot of room in the garden as most if not all herbs can be grown in pots and will still yield a very good harvest. If you’re planting in pots then place them outside your back door for easy harvesting when cooking. Choose relatively deep pots, especially for large shrubby herbs such as Bay trees and Rosemary.

Although most herbs prefer a sunny position there are a few that will happily grow in shady conditions and moist soil, such as Chervil, Parsley, Mint, and Chives.

Happy planting!


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