How to Pimp up your Porridge


Until very recently, porridge was an old-fashioned stodgy breakfast something you made with oats and water and a pinch of salt. And if you were a Scot, that was it. If you were from south of the border, you might have added milk or cream, sugar and possibly a sliced banana, but that was as wild as it got.


 10 Top tips for a better porridge

    1. Always use the whole porridge oats, so Jumbo oats in other words, preferably steel cut to ensure they are as wholesome as possible.
    2. For me, cinnamon and nutmeg is a must, ¼ tsp of ground cinnamon and a light dusting of nutmeg
    3. Always soak the oats in milk (plant-based if preferred) overnight to enable maximum absorption of nutrition content and aid digestion.
    4. Using coconut milk or oat milk gives it a really creamy texture.
    5. Lightly toasted almonds or hazelnuts would be delicious to add texture.
    6. Mashing half a banana adds natural sweetness and potassium.
    7. Add half a finely diced apple is also great for texture and adds just that little bit of sharpness to it.  You could also poach the apple in water and then cut up the softer cubes.  The high fibre content of apples is great to make it really gut-friendly.
    8. Add a few toasted pumpkin seeds to it or For extra crunch, try adding a small handful of granola.
    9. Grilled fruit such as pineapple or peaches really elevates the flavour and something I would also have as a lunch or supper. Porridge doesn’t have to be for breakfast, it’s a great meal any time of day.
    10. For an evening winter warmer – Go Scottish, you could add a dram of whisky!

Whichever way you eat it, eat it often. Porridge is healthy, as proven by a large US study. If you make porridge a regular part of your diet, you’ll lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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