Prawns – Powerful Parcels of Protein


If you enjoy seafood then prawns are a no brainer, but if you’re not a fan you may want to consider re-training your palette because they’re an excellent source of protein. According to a study published in 2012 in the British Journal of Nutrition, protein helps with weight loss due to the fact that you burn more calories digesting it, and it also makes you feel fuller for longer, leading you to consume fewer calories.

Prawns are a very efficient source of protein, providing 20% protein per 100g, and they are low in saturated fat with only 1/7th of the fat of skinless chicken, so you can see how they are good for the waistline. But there’s more: not only are they a great seafood for flavour and protein, but they’re also an excellent source of some really great nutrients such as Iodine (an essential mineral for thyroid gland function that regulates the metabolism), Iron (for red cell formation), Zinc (to enable the re-building of cells and damaged tissue in normal wear and tear), Niacin (essential for healthy skin and steady energy release) and Vitamin B-Complex (for metabolic processes)

Find a good supplier of frozen prawns, preferably of the bigger variety (something like 21/25) and keep a ready supply in your freezer. Prawns are so versatile and easy to cook that they really will make cooking seem like a walk in the park, especially if you’re looking for quick, mid-week delicious, nutritious suppers. Due to their high protein content, they’re also a natural choice for after a work out as they are a lean protein, yet easily digestible. I find that that you can pair them quite easily with leftovers too and create a new meal that doesn’t look or taste like the remnants of yesterday! Noodles, pasta, rice, a salad, it all works…not just for your palette, but your waistline too.

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you to add prawns to your diet, the facts below will surely convince you.

• They have zero carbs

• Prawns contain more protein than beef, chicken, lamb or pork.

• They contain less fat than all land based animal protein sources.

• Prawns are naturally high in Omega 3 and 6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids – important since they’re nutrients we can’t make ourselves.

• Good Potassium source – If you work out then you’ll know Potassium is an important mineral to the nervous system and muscles.

• Since prawns are a pure protein they are a brain food! They provide a good supply of amino acids (tyrosine) to the brain, which makes other chemicals that cause you to react more quickly and be more attentive and sharp!

So there we have it. Prawns – little parcels of protein that will do you a world of good. I’ve got a great recipe for Garlic & Chilli Prawn Linguine that I’ll post next week if you’re in need of some inspiration, but they’re so versatile that you can throw them into almost anything to add great flavour and nutritional value to your meals!


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