A Cupboard Full of Spices


Have you ever wondered why there are so many spices in Indian Cooking? This book is designed to help you really get to grips with spices, their characteristics, health benefits and their practical uses in cooking.

Crowned as the Spice Queen by BBC Broadcaster Nick Coffer, Kumud is the founder of The Cooking Academy in Rickmansworth, and has cooked for a range of high profile clients such as HRH the Prince of Wales, The Oxford Union, the Palace of Westminster and many A-list celebrities. She is a broadcaster for BBC radio and TV, and regularly writes for the National Press.

Kumud Gandhi’s first book is a compendium of spices, used to create authentic Indian recipes. Her Indian heritage of both chemists and spice merchants has greatly influenced her approach to food and cooking where she combines her knowledge and skill to create what she calls the ‘The Alchemy of Food’.

In “A Cupboard Full of Spices” Kumud shares a wide range of favorite recipes dating back over generations in her family.


I had previously attended a couple of classes with the Cooking Academy, and was really inspired by what I learnt as well as Kumud's energy, passion and knowledge, so when I saw she had released a book, I had to order it!!! Like a lot of Indian cookery books, it contains an overview of some of the key ingredients, but A Cupboard Full of Spices looks at this from the health and nutrition perspective also and the recipes themselves have indicators as to which part of the body will benefit from the ingredient mix (Brain, Heart, Immune) etc. The recipes themselves look amazing with each dish beautifully photographed. I know from following the recipes that appear in the book from previous classes that they will be easy to follow, use easily available ingredients, and will be absolutely delicious!! My personal favourite is the Cinnamon Spring Lamb, which is amazingly fragrant and works really well as a Biryani option too. I think this book would appeal to cooks who are new to this Indian cuisine, as well as those who have been cooking with spices for longer.

Maria Darke

I have just received a copy of your A Cupboard Full of Spices as a Birthday present today, thankfully my hinting paid off. It is such a beautiful book and I am really looking forward to reading it and hopefully cooking the lovely recipes.  

Julie Nicholls

This book is one to keep in your kitchen, lovely recipes, spices are very easy to understand as details are at the front of the pages. Made the vegetable pakaro they are so easy to make and so tasty.

Rita G