“The Alchemy of Food” Masterclass

Date: Wed 12 Feb   10:00 - 13:00

“The Alchemy of Food” Masterclass

This masterclass commences with an overview of the science and chemistry that underpins the food choices that we make today. Drawing inspiration from the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, we explore his ethos that “food is medicine and medicine is food”. We discover how many natural food pairings that we take for granted have in fact been carefully put together for us over the millenia to enhance health and wellbeing, and how and why herbs and spices were utilised and revered for their healing properties.

Naturally progressing on from this introduction, our chef and food scientist will present an in-depth analysis of the everyday herbs, spices and ingredients that should be incorporated into our daily diet to stimulate the body’s natural defence mechanisms and improve gut microbiome diversity. We delve beneath the flavour benefits of herbs and spices to examine their organic qualities and discover the true “reasons to season”. This will be followed by a cookery demonstration which will highlight through a variety of dishes how health benefits can be achieved through the judicious pairing of ingredients.

This class would be of particular interest to those wishing to learn to cook mindfully with herbs and spices, those considering dietary changes for wellbeing, or if you are wishing to go on to study nutrition. Expect to radically change the way you cook as you begin to see everyday ingredients from a perspective other than merely for flavour.

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