Beginners Spice Kit


Beginners Spice Kit

A fragrant range of spices with stainless steel measuring spoons to get spice novices started.

If you’re new to spices and don’t know where to begin our spice kit is the perfect place to start. Unlike spices available in supermarkets, our spices are unirradiated, unperfumed and unadulterated meaning they’re 100% pure so you need less of them to achieve great flavours.

They come in packaging that is 900% lighter than glass jars making them eco friendly, and the stainless steel spoons allow you to measure out the perfect amount. Add a pinch here and a sprinkle there and see what a difference a bit of spice can make to your cooking.

Includes: paprika, coarse black pepper, sage and fennel spice blend, ground cumin, cinnamon powder, ground coriander, hot chilli powder, stainless steel measuring spoons.