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We have extensive experience in chef tutoring from around the world

Covering a wide range of cuisines and techniques. So if you are a chef in training, a private cook for a family or an experienced chef looking to broaden your culinary skills, we can personalise a full programme entirely to suit your desired outcome. If you have an interest in learning more about a specific cuisine, cooking for particular dietary requirements, mastering specific culinary skills, or a combination of these, please contact us. We will work together to develop a personalized plan for you.

  • We specialise in teaching apprentices and experienced and accomplished chefs looking for a bespoke programme to develop new skills or expand their skills for use in their professional lives.
  • All of our chefs are trained in food science and culinary arts and can teach any level of ability in a wide range of cuisines.
  • We can cater for specialised dietary requirements and nutritional needs.
  • You can choose a specific cuisine to focus on or a range of different cuisines to broaden your horizon.


From Indian and Thai, to Japanese and Middle Eastern

We enthusiastically offer personal chef tutoring classes, allowing you to learn and enjoy exclusively. Alternatively, we can design a class that uniquely captures the cuisine of your choice. We actively collaborate with chefs to develop highly authentic recipes and enhance their culinary skills, coaching them at their specific level. Our guidance prepares chefs for fine dining, focusing on presentation and delivery expertise. Depending on your preferences and desired areas of focus and development, we can provide services ranging from day programs dedicated to specific areas or cuisines, to week-long programs offering in-depth and multi-cuisine learning

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    • First, we review and understand the learning objectives
    • Than, we design and develop a recipe plan
    • One to one coaching – teach the recipes, hands on cookery
    • Ingredients to cook the recipes
    • Explanation of all the spices and why they are used in the chosen cuisine, flavour, tone and characteristic in food, when to use, what to use and how
    • Cook, taste and review
    • A full recipe pack
    • 2 week follow up to ensure the learning objectives have been met and reinforced

    Rickmansworth or client location (price on application)

    Group sizes
    Private tuition – one to one