Chilli Flakes


Chilli Flakes

Chilli flakes are essentially whole dried chillies crushed (as opposed to ground).  A hot chilli variety is used is commonly used and the Indian chilli flakes use only one type of chilli to keep the flakes fairly consistent in heat level. Since the whole chilli is used with the vein carrying the capsaicin – these chillies can pack a punch.

They are used to use in cooking when you want a speckled display of chilli without the heat of fresh hot chillies.  Also useful to sprinkle over foods such as pizza and salads, or added to melted butter or olive oil they become beautifully aromatic.

Our dried chilli flakes are sourced from the Madras region of India.

Sold in a foil lined pouch to keep the fresher for longer -Net weight- 55g