Dill seeds


Dill seeds

Dill is native to southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region.  The term dill comes from the Norse word “dilla” which meant “to lull or soothe” because Dill water used to be given to infants and adults to ease internal gas or wind problems.  It is an active ingredient for Gripe water – the infant colic remedy.

In culinary use, Dill provides a tangy addition to pickles, salad dressing and fish dishes as well as a sauce to accompany fish.  The seeds are stronger and more flavourful than the leaves.  In Indian cuisine Dill is known as Soa and is used both as an herb in the form of a spinach as well as a seed.  They are also used in the making of mukwas – the Indian breath freshener and antacid.  Dill seeds can be soaked over night and the distilled water consumed for chronic cases of acid reflux.

Our Dill seeds are sourced from the Gujarat region of India.

Sold in a foil lined pouch to keep the fresher for longer -Net weight- 60g